Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Hectic Week

I'm typing this on the train on the way from Vizag to Hyderabad. I brought the laptop so I could work on it on the train. I slept through half the journey, read a book, played cards etc on the journey and did exatly one hour of work!!!
The last week has been so very hectic!! It started on Saturday afternoon with a class which lasted almost 4hours. Then I sat down to get some work done. At midnigt, Shruti, Shilpa and Shravanthi came down to campus from Mysore. We spent all night chatting and folling around and got about 3 hours of sleep. The next day they left for shopping and I spent the morning doing a little work and joined them at the station in the afternoon from where all of us proceeded to Kuppam. We ate, walked around her campus, went for dinner, came back and chatted and fooled around as usual. We got no sleep at all.
On monday morning, we stared back for Blore. I went straight to campus while the girls went shopping and then Shrav and Shil went back to their campus while Shruti came to mine.I spent all of Monday, including a nightout, and half of Tuesday working on the ACS project, leaving poor Shruti to fend for herself.
Soon after the submission on Tuesday evening, I packed and rushed to the airport to catch my flight to Mumbai. Mom met me at the airport and we stayed at some family friends place. Went to the Consulate the next day, met the visa officer and got my visa done!!! Finally!! Hallelujah!!! Then went to see Mom's bank at Flora Fountain, did a lil bit of shopping at Fashion Street and caught a local back to Andehri where our family frens stay, had lunch and caught a flight back to Bangalore.
Though I didn't get to see much of Mumbai, what lil I did see gave me the impression of it being extremely dirty. I have seen dirtier cities but its just that I did't expect Mumbai to be dirty, thought it would be more like Delhi. The buildings in Mumbai are also so very grimy.And finally the crowds - these were my impressions of Mumbai. And yeah, the airport has become like a bus stand. With runaways getting repaired and the inclement weather, most arriving and departing flights are getting delayed. Result: No place to sit in the airport and you have people settling dow on the floor!!! It gave the impression of a pseud-looking bus stand!
Well,I came back to Blore on Wednesday night, got some work done,attended a class and started on the train to Vizag on Thursday afternoon. I reached on Friday aftenoon, got dressed and went to the Ramya's wedding (her picture). I got back home at 6am on Saturday afternoon and slept till the arrival of Jeshnav. Then we dropped Samee off at the station, went to the beach and went to another wedding that night. Sunday was spent packing stuff from home to take to Belgium, short visits home from friends etc.
I received the good news that my visa has been granted. It is for a period of 3mnths and only for Belgium. I have to get it extended for another 20 days once I reach Brussels and then I will get a white card which will let me travel to other Schengen countries and Switzerland!!
That's about it for now. All the lights are switched off so I better shut down the laptop now. I'll hopefully be able to meet Swetha in Hyderabad tommorrow.
P.S: Yes, I did get to meet Swetha in Hyderbad, though only for 5mins as she could make it just as my train was about to leave. I spent the day in Hyderabad just lazing about - it felt good!!