Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Year That Was

Happy New Year !

Another year is past. And like always, I marvel at how quickly 2007 has flown by me. It seems like it was January 2007 hardly anytime ago and here we are, in 2008 already! So how was 2007 for you? It was an average year for me – pretty bad in the first half and pretty awesome in the second half. Here’s a quick peek at Life in 2007:

The Bad
  • The year started off on a terrible note when our New Years trip to Goa turned out to be an unmitigated disaster, and easily the worst New Years Eve ever. The painful and tiring journey home did not help matters either.
  • Within a week of two of the New Year, the boss I worshipped announced his decision to quit. Sigh.
  • I brought in my 23rd with very lukewarm celebrations. And I didn’t get many gifts either. Hmph!
  • Domestic troubles plagued me during the first two months of the year. I am proud to say I displayed remarkable wisdom and patience – qualities I didn’t know I had, and still don’t think I do – and got over them. So there!
  • Some one very close to me went through a very difficult time in March – and while we did what we could to support her, she only wanted to be left alone.
  • I got into a project I came to hate in March. In fact, the four months from March to June were the pits, work wise. I was not enjoying my work at all, and had come to the stage where I had to force myself to go to work daily.
  • The first half of the year was the worst ever for me in terms of my health and well being. I had a constant cold, frequent fever, caught malaria, endured food poisoning, sprained my ankle and limped around with a bandage, and much more.
  • I spent a lot of money, actually every penny I earned – and most of it on food and flights.
  • I barely got to go home. The one time I was home for more than 3-4 days was when I was so ill that I couldn’t eat a thing or go out anywhere. :-(

The Good

  • Finally managed to pull off a long awaited family trip to the North East in July. It was a very beautiful place, and the trip met every expectation I had of it, and then some.
  • I moved to Bangalore in August. I do like Hyderabad very much but I was desperate for a change and it came at the right time. What’s more, my team is Bangalore is great and the project I am working on is kick-ass (and no, I don’t think anyone from work is reading this!)
  • I started learning French, and got pretty good at it too! I love learning French – my final exam is due in two weeks and after that I intend to join the next level.
  • I enrolled for dance classes for two months – the number of dance classes I actually attended in these two months is irrelevant.
  • Went to Jakarta, Indonesia on work for two weeks. And spent another week holidaying in Bali. I made some wonderful friends there. And splurged on the spas and clothes. One of my bestest holidays ever. Thanks you PwC. Thank you EAPIRF. Thank you JWSRB. Thank you Indonesia. And a special thank you Bali.
  • And now that I have started, I would also like to thank Subway, Baskin Robbins and CafĂ© Coffee Day. Muah. I love you guys. Life without you is unpalatable. Hehe.
  • Being in Bangalore also means I get to go to L^2 once in a while. And do quick weekend trips to beautiful places like Wayanad with friends.
  • Being in Hyderabad meant I could meet up with all my friends from school and college, and catch up with them, and re-establish my bond with them.

I’m beginning to think this post was a bad idea – I cant seem to be able to stop about all the things that have happened to me this year, some bad but many very nice. It was a year of ups and downs, but I’m really taken by surprise that the year ended so quickly. And 2008 is here already. Happy New Year everyone!