Monday, March 07, 2005

Long time due...

Well, this update has been due for 3 weeks now. Not good at all.
So let me jus sum up what I have been doing the past three weeks...though I dont really see any point in doing this except to maybe look back on this blog many years down the line and sigh at all the fun I had and all the other stuff old people usually do when looking at diaries/photographs etc of younger days...

19th Feb: I go to this pub called the Bunker with some 7 other people. It is a nice looking place. Then went to a tiny little Chinese restaurant called the Green Onion for a light dinner.
I came back at midnight to the hostel and then rushed off to Club X with another set of 7 people. I was Kima's date for the day...or rather, the night. Incidentally, I had my first Peach Snapps and it tasted damn good. I shall not say anymore about Club X coz it would reveal a lot of gossip which isnt meant for a public blog at all.
About 5ish we went to the airport for some chicken rolls and reached campus at 6am. I slept all of Sunday and got up at 4pm.

20th Feb: I went out with Andy and Nike. We went all over the place searching for the place of that choreographer guy. He has a neat looking place...real nice.Then went to Levi's for Andy to use his coupon and then, since all of us were starving we ate quite a lot.And then I came back and slept. The rest of the days follow suit in a similar wasteful, aimless fashion.
21st Feb: I saw The Incredibles at PVR. It was damn cool. A real fun movie. And for all of you who have seen it on the small screen and liked it, you must get to see it on the big screen. Definitely worth it!! Anyways, morning shows at the PVR are damn cool. Tickets are 50 bucks for all shows starting before 1pm Monday to Thursday so it works real cheap and good fun too.Srikar, an old TIME classmate was on campus for his IIMI interview so gave him a lot of gyaan.
22nd Feb: Samee's bday.I went to Commercial Street to buy her and myself a couple of tops. I love Commercial Street when it comes to shopping. It has from the cheapest to the most expensive stuff and some really cool stuff. Bought hajaar stuff and pockets were visibly lighter. Then went to Brigade Road and bought a pair of Levi's with my coupon. And then had dinner again at Peco's. be continued!!


Anonymous said...

abhishek:hi ramya....or lezz jus call u sweetie, sweetie coz u are sweet, and caring and a lot of things that u've made ppl believe u are, and not without reason.didn't visit ure blog 4 a while, u know the reasons, surprised to see that u didn't post anything on ure b'day, seems that ure really busy with studies or upset abt somethin'.....or may be upset coz ure being kept busy with studies, whatever the reasons.....i hope ure fine, if not i know u will be.i have been upto a few things recently about which i'll tell u when i call.and yeah ure blogs are fun, u can do some really crazy stuff here....and also i thot that they wud fizzle out after a while, but u just keep on goin on keep the xecellent posts kumin ....god bless

illusionaire said...
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illusionaire said...

Sorry i had to delete that :) wrote it when i was drunk.... :)))

anyway, i think some things a best left unsaid.

update ur blog rams.

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