Friday, April 15, 2005

A woman at work

Well, I got back to Bangalore this Sunday. An update:
10th Sunday:
Flew Deccan Air from Vizag to Bangalore...I believe this deserves special mention because my company is paying for my flight. So here is the first flight I have earned for myself!! Lunch at Wok and Gill. Dinner at Transit followed by 'Socha Na Tha' at PVR. The 1st half of the movie was fun...the 2nd half was like a typical Hindi movie though. The campus looks so so good and has a fresh, clean, green look. It rained an hour after I landed on campus. Actually, the fact that there is hardly anyone here and the weather...the campus reminds of howit was when I first came here for my IIMB interview. I fell in love with this place...and I felt bad about going to IIMA instead (and this before giving any nterviews!!). Its so very beautiful here.
11th Monday:
The day of joining...and I was late!!! Luckily, the security sign up process took so long for the 26 internees that no one noticed. Then a couple of video's of IBM followed by a long speech by the VP HR. This was my biggest not to sleep at the workplace. IIMB students wer e13...the remaining were from IIMA,IIMC and XLRI. 11 of us in the HR dept. We were given 4 hours of presentations. I got back at 7 and went to Induss for dinner.

12th Tuesday:
I spent just an hour at the office meeting my project guide...hes quite a big shot in the IBM HR dept. He must be in his late forties and a rather serious guy. He said I could choose my own work hours and work place or even work from the hostel if I was more comfortable with that!! Shopping at Commercial Street for a couple of formal shirts and then lunch with GV at Adiga's. Went skating in the evening. The 1st time im using inline skates...was good fun. Pankaj was coming from Delhi so we went to to the airport and then to Empire Hotel for dinner.

13th Wednesday:
A typical day from 9 to 6 which I spent meeting people from the HR Learning team in order to understand the 'dynamics of the issue'. Gave my spectacles and watch for repair and then gorged on panipuri followed by cake fudge at Corner House. Naomi had just come back from France and got some wine with her. So ordered in from Guru Gardens and laid out the spread at the H block terrace. I did try the wine but was too full to eat anything. Howevre, it was a fun evening.
14th Thursday:
I was attending a training session but had to come back in the middle coz of a problem with the lens.I planned to go back to office in 2hrs but I didnt. Just didnt do a thing the whole day. Finally went for dinner to Guru Gardens with Pankaj and Naomi. Felt like icecream so we found a Barista at Koramangala.
15th Friday:
Went to work at 12:45, met my project guide, ate lunch, made a couple of official calls, met a colleague at work and am now back on campus. Im going back to office to attend a conference call. I can do it from any phone I want to but might as well go to office and use the office phone than blow up more money than I already am for food.

Well, lots of thoughts on how it feels to have finished off with a year at IIMB. things I plan to do during the summer, how it feels to be working. Will definitely write on them and update more regularly. But for now, I got to run.


Anonymous said...

dont u think the title of ur post isnt quite as appropriate cuz it doesnt seem tht u've worked at all in the entire week. but it does seem like u've been goin arnd eating a lot.
dont mind but at this rate the 'woman at work' might soon have to become "woman at work out"

btw? hows the shoe doing??

bj said...

hey sweet,

asked u then itself and asking u again....pls clarify the "love at first sight" bit...:)))

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