Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hardly the breadwinner

Today is a day that will stand out in the annals of histoy.I received my first salary today - Rs.8000 for the 20 days I worked at IBM. I cant help a small grin. A few hours of effort from me for 20 days is worth Rs.8000 to someone. It certainly makes me feel good about myself. I want to call up home and tell them. But there is also a little anger because I'm not being reimbursed for my airfare from Vizag to Bangalore after being told I would be and because I am being made to spend a lot from my own pocket for travelling between the offices. Its like expecting a 3.3 types in CSP and ending up with a 3.02!
Speaking of which, I got 3.02 in CSP. I am a little disappointed because I have done well in the midterm and endterm. So I must have lost out in the project (of course!!) & CP. But I'm still pretty happy that I have a 3+ so I dont want to crib too much about it. I have done decently this term so just hoping I get a decent grade.
Well, other events in the day are pretty much uneventful, if you dont count the fact that I bought a chocolate milkshake at the office cafeteria and got a scratch card for it. On scratching the card, I got a free samosa!!Well, there is this guy I met at a learning lab I attended. I spoke to him a little later for feedback. He now has my phone number and is beginning to become a pain. He called a couple of days ago to ask me something about IIMB. Today he messaged and when I didnt reply called me to tell me that we were both sitting in the same office today (talk about the weather). I have a strong feeling he is hitting on me and I have no idea how to tell him im not interested. The problems working women face!!
By the way, my stipend is in the form of a DD drawn on Deutsche Bank which says account payee only! What the hell am I supposed to do?? I desperately want to leave office, encash the DD, book my tickets to Hyderabad for tomorrow and go shopping. But alas and alack!! I bunked office yesterday and my manager knows it. He is here in the same office as I am today so I intend to sit for as long as he is in the office or 6pm, whichever is earlier ( I have a grim foreboding that it is going to be 6pm). Well, I need to submit a presentation of everything I have done so far. I'm really at a loss as to what to do because all I have done so far is meet a lot of people and collect information. And even these notes are with a colleague who said she would get them tomorrow. So I'm a wee bit worried that my fraudgiri would be revealed to one and all.
Well,thats all for now. My work beckons me (yeah right!!). There is this terrible feeling of lassitude which I am experiencing currently which simple does not allow me to do any work at all.


Bj said...

"I have a strong feeling he is hitting on me and I have no idea how to tell him im not interested."

you doan???....hmm...neways get to hyd fast...want that sweatshirt...:))

Anonymous said...

hehe, where ever u go same thing,

papam..... btw happy journey to hyd.


Mihir said...

interesting ... very very interesting :))) anyway congrats for ur first paycheck .. we r still waiting for ours :(

kjgvjv said...

Heard that you conned each and every guy on ur campus to take u to a restaurant.Since many guys on u r campus rout for their summers..God has sent u an oppourtunity to con ur office guys.... so flirt out and enjoy ;)

;) :)) :)))

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