Thursday, February 01, 2007

A post I will regret later for its nonsensical content

The good thing about living in Hyderabad is that it provides me with a very active social life. While I laze away at my aunts’ place during weekends, the city is teeming with friends from school and college so each day I have my hands full after work – movies, eating out, fairs, shopping. Moreover, I do frequent trips to Vizag and Bangalore. Despite these social activities, I’ve managed to get my hands on some very good books last year and read them, of course!

I have relatively laidback roommates who go out, other than to work, about once a week. When they are back from work, the cook dinner and settle down in front of the television and retire to bed early. Since I’m out after work and usually come back home quite late, after dinner outside, my interaction with them has been minimal – in the sense that we are friendly and get along comfortably but we are not friends by any stretch.

Now there are times when no one in my large circle is available because every one is tied up with something and I end up alone at home. Which is perfectly okay by me because I then join my roommates for dinner and read till I turn in. But there are these rare occasions like today – none of my friends were free and my roommate went out for dinner and I had just finished the John Updike novel I was reading so I was alone at home with absolutely nothing to do!!

As if to complete the dire scenario, there was a problem with the Hutch connection today and the line kept getting cut off or simply wouldn’t connect if I tried calling anyone. I read the newspaper, solved a couple of Sudoku puzzles, even watched TV but it was so awfully boring. And why is it that whenever I watch TV, I never get to see ‘Friends’, ‘Joey’, ‘Seinfield’ or any of the dozen or more comedy shows that I would watch!! Instead, every single bloody time I turn on the TV, I am subjected to ‘Desire: Table for Three’.

Speaking of which, that should qualify for the ‘Worst Ever TV Series’. I can’t believe Star World is promoting the damned show so much. The script is uninteresting, the dialogues sound forced, the situations are very contrived and the actors people starring in the show are guilty of the worst display of acting skills in television history.

But I’m digressing – so I was alone at home with no where to go, no one to talk to, nothing to read, nothing to watch, nothing to do and worst of all, nothing to eat either. It just about drove me crazy. And it made me think of how, when I was in school and college, I would talk to my friends on the phone for hours at a stretch.

I mean we’d just call up each other and chat forever, about everything under the sun and then some. But I’ve noticed that these days, we call up each other only to fix up meeting plans or exchange important information. If we do call up each other simply because we haven’t spoken to each other for a while, the conversation rarely lasts longer than 15 minutes. I thought my parents would be happy with this much-awaited change in me but that’s not so because now even they want to talk to me on the phone but I keep hanging up on them quite early on in the conversation.

I wonder if its because the nature of my friendships have changed and become more superficial over the years. Maybe we are just good for meeting up and having a good time together and that’s it. Or maybe I’m reading too much into what could be a general inability to indulge in pointless talk as you grow older. So maybe it’s not just me – maybe this is how most people and most friendships change over the years. Sigh!!

Well, being alone has made me type out a post I find quite boring when I’m reading it myself! But the good thing is that having something to do is actually making me quite sleepy…huh!!


Jason said...

The same question has crossed my mind more than once!!
I have felt like work cant wait ... and neither can 'work talk' and time but the friends and the 'small talk' can hang on till i'm less occupied..
Felt guilty-ish too!

Ramya said...

@Jason: I'm glad you can understand exactly how that dI dont know if its a phase or if it jus comes with growing older and working...any ideas?

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