Monday, December 03, 2007

In the devil's workshop today

I noticed this at a parking lot at my friends’ place - a car which says ‘FKCCI President’ and has an AP registration. Now FKCCI stands for Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The current president is a Mr. S.S. Patil (not a Telugu name), who is the Chairman of a group of industries based out of Gulbarga. So it beats me as to why his car has an AP registration, given that it is a fairly new car, and it is unlikely that he has only recently moved to Karnataka.

Any ideas?


felicitas said...

there can be hundred and one reasons one can make up.. just to bore you with a few - may be he bought it in AP or it might be his relative's one or he uses that car in AP to do some thing strange..

vamsi said...

well, this could be given as a case study at my B School to study(analyse) the tax rates in both states, excise duties, registration fee etc..:P

btw..merry merry christmas!!!
jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way..:D

Ramya said...

@felicitas: Yeah, but then why would he but it in AP? Are the taxes so much lower there? And he uses it in Bangalore too. But yes, it could be his relatives, and he may have bought it from him or be using him....there are a hundred and one reasons...but you an, an idle mind...;-)

@vamsi: hehe...yeah you can use it like that! And a belated merry christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...


How can U write such a post ???

Lol... Belated Merry X' Mas. God Bless .

Da Enigma

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