Monday, June 16, 2008

Taking Stock

I noticed a few days ago that it’s been more than five months since I last posted – and even for someone as irregular as I am, this is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting on this blog. I think it’s most shameful, especially considering one of my New Year resolutions was to blog more often – to write more often actually, and to improve upon my writing skills, and the medium was to be the blog. And unsurprisingly, the day I make the resolutions, poof!

I haven’t written largely because I’ve had a terrible writer’s block (we do flatter ourselves!). It’s just that when I have had the time to sit down and write a post, absolutely nothing comes to mind. And during those times when I’m furiously writing a post in my head, I don’t have a laptop to pen it down, and by the time I can lay my hands on one, it’s too late.

However, I’ve been busy for the last five months. I’ve been on trips to Gokarna, Kuppam and Yercaud. I’ve been to Vizag on three trips – the most frequent I’ve gone home in a while. Apart from short stopovers in Hyderabad on my way to Vizag, I also made a short trip to Hyderabad once. All these trips for personal reasons. And a short work trip to Delhi. So the last couple of months have seen quite a bit of traveling.

I also got to meet quite a few friends and family in these months. Sunil came down from the US in January and I got to meet him when I went home then. Ramya came down too, and I made a short trip to Hyderabad to spend time with her, and to see her baby. Lalith came down from Ireland, and though I didn’t get to spend much time with him in Vizag, he did come down to Bangalore for a couple of days, along with the rest of the Hyderabad gang.

Shils’ move to Bangalore has also been great for all of us. Shruti came to Bangalore twice in these past couple of months so that the four of us could meet up after ages. Shrav now comes over to Bangalore almost every weekend, and we even paid her a visit at Kuppam one weekend. So my weekends are usually spent with these girls, shopping, eating and generally hanging out together and having fun. It’s been good and I’m very glad that things have worked out this way.

During the week, I end up meeting BJ and FB almost every other day, though that’s not going to last long. And Abhishek has moved to Bangalore, so there’s one more person to meet during the week. I’ve also made friends in office who I’m now close enough with to go out with. I also met up with an old friend with whom I parted ways less than amicably a few years ago (completely my fault!) – we met twice and it was good because I felt we’d put most of the ill-feeling and awkwardness behind us.

Work had been interesting and satisfying till about a month ago. Thing haven’t been so great after that but I’m trying to sort it out. I’ve also moved into a lovely new house which feels almost like a home, and I share it with two rather nice flat mates, so things are really smooth on that front (Touchwood!).

So apart from work, friends and family, I’ve also done a lot of interesting stuff in the last couple of months. I attended Savvy’s wedding – a bunch of IIIMB junta turned up and it was good fun. I also went to a paintball tournament and it was SUCH FUN! Also went bowling and watched a play. And have been watching movies atleast once a week, religiously, apart from contributing to 50% of CCD’s income. I’ve also partied hard these last few months, and tried out lots of lovely new places to eat out at.

Phew! And that is why I have been too busy and tied up to post anything all these months. With half the year past, I’m thinking it’s time I had a less hectic social schedule – I have enough time for myself, my books and my movies – but I really think I need to start moderating my lifestyle. I’m telling myself that atleast twice a week I should come home directly from work. I also need to start running/dancing/some form of exercise. So assuming that my plans for a more moderate lifestyle are actually implemented, this blog should be seeing much more of me than before.

But hey, I’m not promising myself anything!


Mihir said...

thank me :)

thebinafterbigb said...

"I have enough time for myself, my books and my movies" -----Which books and movies ur favorite?..Dont think Life is bore.Its too much pain and little face it?..Do not keep as stock ..just prepare each days are opening stock to ur u like to drink and dance in pubs?

Ramya said...

@Mihir: :p

@thebinafterbigb: Lots of favourites, really. And definitely life aint a bore.

Anonymous said...

Finally ha.u've just forgotten blogging altogether. and pls dont give arbit excuses for not blogging. Anyways .. the post was OK .hoping u'd get back to posting some good articles!!

Anonymous said...


Finally the wait has come to an end!Just like Rajnikant's movie once in 3 yrs, ramya has posted aftr a looooooong time..Aamir Khan is much much better than u..:D He is blogging atleast evry

thebinafterbigb said...

How long u r here?

I think bnagalore is agood city to live if v compare to other city..If Metro-rail completes city would be metro...But still here too much girl would not walk or round at night time. That seems a good family life also keeps here? it?>>do u oppose?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm someone name June 16 th as the 'Liberation Day'for avid readers ahoy !!!!!! Hahahahaha

Two Things - I envy u and ur life style , ur friends , and fun ... some ppl are blessed to have them all and yet manage to work!

And two - Kindly visit my blog , have started a new one ... u 'd find the link when u open '' view complete profile '' of my existing blog ... and don jus read ...comment pls! Ty

God Bless and be good.

Da Enigma

Anonymous said...

running is a very personal experience. you will know more about yourself....

Anonymous said...
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Ramya said...

@Anon: I know who you are, you protein obsessed creature!

@ Anon: I'm still laughing at your comparison to Amir Khan.

@Da Engima: Will do!

@Anon: I dont know about knowing more about myself...but it's certainly fun,

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