Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Beginnings

Happy Ugadi! May it herald a year in which all your dreams come true, a year which is filled with good health, and lots of love, laughter and happiness.

On the occasion of Ugadi, and on account of boredom, I have decided to redo the blog. I was really looking for a more edgy, sophisticated template, but when I saw this template, it was SO me, that I just didn’t like anything else after this. I like to think of myself as that girl, sitting next to a shelf full of books waiting to be opened. It’s also girly, bright and cheerful – me, me, me!

I do wish I could get rid of those rather ugly ‘Advertise Here’ boxes, but I am unable to figure out how to. I’m also thinking of uploading pictures where my face is semi-obscure, or partially covered. No, not because I am not good looking! Nor am I trying to become anonymous. But I’ve taken the absurd notion into my head that it will add an air of mystery to me (!) and so we shall persist with the effort till laziness overcomes vanity.

You can now share my posts on twitter or Facebook. I am sure my 3.71 readers are delirious with joy at this stimulating prospect. I have also added a site meter – my need for honesty having finally overcome my sense of pride. Clearly, the only way the darned site meter is going to show any activity is if I click on blog every day like a woman possessed.

I added this feature where you can react to a post with a simple click, if you are feeling too lazy to comment. I am rather excited about it, so go and click on it! Pretty please. But to clarify, I still love comments more – every 0.09 comments I receive per post. I have also updated my blog roll, and if you want me to add your blog to this list, let me know (I can so hear you snigger and say “yeah, of course, since this is totally a celebrity blog that will drive crazy amounts of traffic and make me a millionaire entirely from ad sense revenues”).

Well, so do you like the blog’s new look? 


Chan said...

Super template.

Penguin said...

Nice template!
And thanks for adding my blog to the roll of honour!

Sumanth Suresh said...

hehe.. this is cool, ramya-the-nerd template!!! :P
imagine having an integral equation in the title banner..(did u notice that?) !!!

R said...

@Chan: Thank you! You made my day!

@Penguin: Thanks ma! :-)

@Sumanth: Ramya-the-nerd, thats the hope Sumanth. And yes, I did notice the integral equation on the banner. Hehe

Anonymous said...

looks cool :)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
R said...

@Gokul: Thank u! It's been a while...where have u been?

@Anon: Don't do that!

Anonymous said...

Aaah.. Posted the link just to show that the pic can be found in the internet, because your full name is in your blog.Feel free to delete this comment too.

R said...

@Anon: I know that, but you are spoiling my random fun.

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