Thursday, July 22, 2010

The One with the Complex

So Nike and I were on our way home after dinner* and I was telling him this long winded story, and at some point came to the part about how I happened to have two prams when I was a baby**. And out of the blue he snapped at me “There are people out there who haven’t had even a single pram. And you are showing off about how you had two prams! What’s the big deal about two prams anyway?”

I was of course taken aback. The guy was trying to guilt-trip me about prams! PRAMS!

Of course I sulked at being snapped at for no reason whatsoever. And of course Nike apologised. But I wasn’t going to stop sulking till he revealed what had provoked the strange outburst. After a lot of drama he confessed sheepishly “Well, I don’t know, in that moment, I was just mad because you had two prams and I hadn’t had a pram at all”

And people say I need to grow up!

*Dinner was rolls at Chakum Chakum. If you live in Bangalore, and are in the mood for some rolls, head out to Chakum Chakum for absolutely fantabulous rolls. This place is off Indiranagar 100 Feet Road, next to the Daily Bread. We regularly drive from Benson Town to Indiranagar just for the rolls.

**I know this sounds lame by itself, but in my defence, it was part of a rather interesting story about my uncle.


Preeti said...

Hehe! How cute! I mean, you were cute for actually remembering that you had 2 prams, and Nike for sulking about it! :)

Nike said...

In my defense, I was just trying to voice my concern about a important issue, which is that we shall stop being so materialistic n all that jazz...having 2 prams is a sin but taking about it at such great lengths is just plain inconsiderate :).. bcuz I didn have even one pram :p

Ramya said...

@Preeti: It's cute only as long as you aren't at the receiving end of all these memories ;-)

@Nike: bah!

Chinkurli said...

Er...with all due respect to Nike, it wasn't your fault! So you're okay :P and I'm curious about the more interesting story (the one about the uncle) now!

Ramya said...

@Chinkurli: Hehe. Unfortunately, thats classified info :p

Anonymous said...

Oh! the other interesting story is classified info is it ;) Boo I was thinking of reading that after the two prams :)


Ramya said...

@Pins: Hehe...unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it is classified! ;-)

Anonymous said...

hey, first time here.

you've got a nice blog. The pram story is ruddy cute!

Ramya said...

@Smartassbride: Thank you! :-)
And welcome here. Hope to see you around!

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