Thursday, December 23, 2004

...and I ramble on

I think it is finally the end. There is still some part of me which is afraid that it is not over but then, another part of me thinks it is and I have been more at peace and looking and feeling better since yesday night than I have for the past 10 days.

A couple of days ago I was feeling really was about 1 in the night and the only thing that could cheer me up was a hot chocolate fudge.So Amol, Ankita and I went to Brigade Road at that time of the night for my hot chocolate fudge.We couldnt get it anywhere so we ended up at this pseud looking place called Pinxx(yeah,everything pink in color and all) and ate some really bad icecream. But it was lots of fun.and this is the kind of thing I want to do throughout my life...go on an improptu trip one fine weekday, go on a long drive to bhimli sometime late in the nite, eat pani puri in PPT formals, eat icecream in the rain, dance on the terrace when it is raining...impulsive how that woman used her shell shaped soap...:)

Its 2:30 in the night...we have a marketing report to submit in 6 hrs, end terms in a weeks' time...and I want to watch a movie now!! And I know the only thing that will stop me from watching the movie is if I feel sleepy. Im just debating which movie to watch. groupmates wont be very happy if Im sitting around here while they work...we are almost done, just some formatting work left to do.I guess Ill be off.