Friday, December 31, 2004

More than halfway to happiness

...that is my bracket tagline.
2 exams today- Operations Management and Managing People and Performance in Organisations.
OM was awful, miserable, terrible, atrocious, unspeakable and so on. I had done well in the last quiz and expected to do well in this one too but alas and alack!! it was not to be. From the word go, I was lost. Where I could, I gave free rein to my creativity even in problem solving. I made guesses randomly despite being aware of negative marking for incorrect answers. I made up my own frameworks for i didnt know any by the original propnents. Well,it was an unmitigated disaster from which I am yet to recover.
My entire preparation for MPPO was supposed to revolve around the 2hr break between the 2 exams.I spent this battling drooping eyelids and consequently didnt get much in the form of 'learnings'. Unsurprisingly, the MPPO paper left me blank.I then indulged in creative bullshitting for a while. I made up a couple of laws and legislations(future legislator in the making, yo!!), gave suggests left, right and centre about how to manage people and generally put in a lot of blah for an hour. After exhausting my imagination, I gave up the paper and came back to my room.
Moving on from my academic disasters...
I skipped lunch today to study and now the snack counter is closed. Im dying of hunger and there is not a morsel to eat. Ill have to bear with this for another hour when the mess opens for evening tea and snacks.We have very good breakfast but otherwise im heartily sick of the mess food. It doesnt taste bad...its just that there is no variety in the food at all and everything seems to taste the same.

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