Thursday, October 20, 2005

Back in Brussels

I came back to Brussels on 3rd October and it’s been lazy and pleasant since then. Have been occupied with the following:
Classes (please note that it isn’t in order of priority)
Arranging for and getting my Eurail pass
Planning my next trip to Scandinavia and putting aside dates for other countries
Reading Vanity Fair, playing poker, sleeping, eating, shopping

On a day when Ravi and I had nothing to do, we went to the Atomium. Now this is a totally useless structure and neither the Belgian authorities nor the tourists know what to make of it – so the authorities let it be anyway and the tourists visit it anyway. I’ve also discovered a way of getting free chocolates – I wandered into the chocolatiers in the lanes behind the Grand Palace – they gave me free samples thinking I was a potential customer.
Advice: This gives maximum satisfaction when you visit many shops in a row.

I also got lost a lot by generally wandering around the city. I got lost and accidentally landed up in front of the European parliament. I loved the environment – a dream place for me to work in. I walked around the Parliament and unknowingly entered a museum; luckily, entrance was free or I would have been in big trouble. And one fine day in a bus, a police officer hit on me!!! I also had amazing fun at the Erasmus party last week. Let me also shock my reader by informing them that there was a general strike last Friday in Brussels – it was a surprise and quite unexpected for us that there should be a strike in any country other than India but apparently, its quite common in Belgium.

We also invited a Spanish friend over for dinner one day and the next day 5 of our friends, exchange students from different countries. We think they enjoyed the food, though they found it extremely spicy. We all had a very good time together, though I think we went overboard, giving them classes about India. Well, I shall end here and add updates of my Scandinavia trip of the last week soon.


Bleach The infamous strawberry said...

i used to live to brussels and reading your blog reminds that brussels is such a nice city.

Mihir said...

Cheapo ... u will invite other exchange students but not ur friends barely 2 hrs away ?? :))

post abt ur scan trip soon

Anonymous said...

You dont need to be invited, you are always welcome. But if you do not want to step out of your cosy household, how can I help you?
Anyways, Im in Italy now....:)

Aravind said...

So.. exams done???
where are u now?? long time, no post!?

Anonymous said...

well why would anyone wanna leave a household filled with so much love and affection.. n mihir isnt an exception..heres whishing u a happy married life dude :) said...

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Anonymous said...

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