Wednesday, November 17, 2004

life is a chocolate

I've been listening to 'Aint no sunshine' by Al Green since yesterday night. Ive become addicted to that song. I dont feel like listening to anything else. I dont like anything else I listen to.....
Today is Day Zero of the summers placement process. All the i-Banks are slotted today. Not surprisingly, I did not get any shortlists today.
Disppointed?? Certainly not. Im pretty sure I dont want to work in an i-bank. No, it is definitely not a case of soure grapes. Yes- I would have been delighted if I did get a shortlist and I would have been on top of the world if I got a final offer from one of these companies. It is not just a damn good paying job but an ibanker is one helluva sood thing to be. And people put in so much fight to get an ibank summers just because they might get a PPO- and then, for them, their life is made, so to say. But it isnt the kind of job I would like to do and im simply not cut out for something like that. And that is why im so cool about the whole thing.
In fact, i dont have any particular kind of job I would like to do, for the summers. I just want the experience of working somewhere.
Long term, yes, I know for sure I want to work in some place like CRY. An NGO. Where this sudden fondness for kids? Not really...I would like to work in any NGO which works for women or children.


Anonymous said...

hi u know who it is, yesterday was CAT, dissapointed,dejected,disillusioned,disenchanted,despondent...but that was a new day, a new way of looking at the world...but i am sort of scared, a coldness runs through me at doubts become unforgiving, my shadow seems taller than my soul...yesterday PINK FLOYD provided a lot of solace...what lyrics..."ashes and diamonds, foe and friends, we will all equal in the end".

Anonymous said...

and yes ...i know u may feel life's a choclate...but i feel life's like a marmalade...bitter and sweet

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