Friday, November 26, 2004

my movies

Ive had a good term this time. Not only have I got myself a summer job and a scholarship, Ive gone out quite a lot, managed to watch quite a few movies and read a couple of books too.

Grave of the Fireflies - Japanese anime. Lovely movie...the kind that stays with you long after you've watched it. I cried for hours after watching it. I still feel bad when I think of the movie. It is such a neatly made so lovely.

Spirited Away - Japanese anime again. Kinda wierd movie...doesnt make much sense but I guess its kinda fun to watch.

Onohide Poroporo - You guessed it right!! Jap anime once again. It means Only Yesterday. Another extremely nice movie. There were times when I could connect so well with the protagonist. A very sensitive, and also, sensible movie...somehow, the way the theme and the whole movie was dealt was perfect.

Tonari no Totoro - Another wierd movie. Not too great. And yeah- Japanese anime.

Lost in Transalation - Not a japanese movie. An American movie shot in Tokyo.And it was just a coincidence...i swear!! It is a sweet movie but a major disappointment coz I was looking forward to this for a long long time and it wasnt as great as I thought it would be.

Dr.Zhivago - Finally!! After a gazillion tries, I finally got to see this one. Its kinda nice.But painfully long.Again, it wasnt as good as the reviews it got.

Gharshana - Gult movie. I liked it. Slick movie. A Venkatesh who looked good and played a role that suited his age. Movie could have done with better editing but overall, one of the better Gult movies Ive seen in recent times.

Veer Zaara - Highly senti and higly silly. Big time romanctic...or atleast, that is what it is meant to be. Good music was the only redeeming factor. Otherwise, a movie worth missing.

8 movies in two and a half months. I think that was an awesome job!! And now I shall log off to go watch one more movie...

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