Thursday, August 05, 2010

In Which We Go Shopping

While I was in Hyderabad last week, there was a flat 50% weekend sale happening at UCB. Just the week before, I’d seen a lovely black and grey balloon skirt at the UCB store on Commercial Street, but couldn’t afford it in my current penniless state. The sale was the perfect opportunity. And thus we chased the sale across Hyderabad – starting from Dilsukh Nagar, proceeding to Himayatnagar, Somajiguda, Banjara Hills all the way up to Jubilee Hills – but I was met with disappointment, as none of the stores had that skirt, or even anything else remotely interesting.

I did buy a pretty yellow summery top at the UCB sale though. And I bought a pair of pale pink denim shorts at Promod.

Gundu and Nike, who were dragged happily came shopping with me asked "But where are you going to wear them?"

“Kovalam” I said brightly (this is where, gentle and unassuming reader, I let slip in that I’m going to the Leela in Kovalam for the weekend after. I’m subtle like that.)

But boys being boys, they asked in unison “But what will you do with them after you’re back from Kovalam?”

“Oh, I will wear them in Goa. Also in Thailand, and Vietnam, and Rio, and other beach places” I say, with the air of one from whom jet-setting to glamorous beaches across the world in a pair of sexy pink shorts is a way of life.

“ aren’t going to Goa. Or any of those other beach places” stammers Nike, clearly seeing visions of me gallivanting around the world by blowing up his hard earned money.....well, his earned money, anyway.

“I know I'm not. But what if I win a contest for a one week beach holiday? I’m going to need something to wear when I go there, right?”

And thus I sashayed my way to the billing counter, pleased as peach (or is it plum?) with my foresight. Now bring on that free beach holiday dahlings!


Sumanth Suresh said...

why do I get a feeling that your recent blog post titles are alluding to a sitcom named 'Life in the times of Ramya' ;)

Preeti said...

Very subtle. I had to go back to read he sentence and derive the fact that you were going anywhere at all. #Truth ;)

smartassbride said...


men are remarkable slow on the uptake. Also lack imagination, no?

Did you say Leela? I JUST turned green, please use kaala-tikka/dhrishti poosani.

My bro and husband say stuff like that when I buy super expensive ethnic skirts. I mean, what will i wear to my niece's wedding then? She's five years old, yes, but they do grow up, don't they? :P

smartassbride said...


Ramya said...

@Sumanth: And I thought this whole blog was about that! :p

@Preeti: See! See! I just rock this subtlety thing man ;-)

@Abi: Couldn't agree more on men being slow and unimaginative. Especially the men one has to live with!

And of course you need to be prepared for your niece's wedding. Kids these days no.....they grow up so quickly, we'll be old women before we know it! ;-)

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