Thursday, August 12, 2010

The One with all the Self-Pity

Linda Goodman says Pisceans have an infinite capacity for love and pity. That’s very true. In my case, it is an infinite capacity for self – love and self – pity.

So I’m now wallowing in self – pity, and feeling very sorry for myself indeed. It’s at times like this that I wish I had a car, so I could drive myself to the nearest ice-cream parlour and gobble down a huge tub of ice-cream to cheer myself up. Of course, since the cause of my current woes is The Monster, I can’t obviously ask The Monster to take me in his car to eat ice-cream.

I wish I had a girlfriend, who lived close enough to drive me out for ice-cream now, and to whom I could whine and bitch about The Monster, but alas, that is not meant to be. Since the Big Man in the Sky is a man himself, he makes all these evil plans to keep The Sisterhood apart as much as possible. How else do you explain the fact that my closest girlfriends from school are all in the yoo-yes-yay? Or the fact that my girlfriends in this city live in a tiny village called HSR which isn’t really in Bangalore, as much as they like to fool themselves; or stay at home with parents (which means they can’t really get out at midnight for an ice-cream, or anything else).

As you can see, my cup of woes runneth over. To make things worse, my results are out on Friday the 13th. And my shouted-from-the-rooftops till I’m hoarse discreet vacation to Kovalam starts on the same day. Which means my vacation is effectively ruined. Excuse me while I go break something.

Okay, I’m back. So. The only ray of light in my dark and dismal life right now is to plan petty revenge against The Monster. Which I would love to share with you but can’t right now, because if The Monster reads this post, he will know about the revenge plans, and then they will be a failure. Can’t let that happen.

But I did have some luck. The Monster lost his keys in the morning, so I was the only one with the house keys. He came back home in the evening before me - and made the mistake of calling me to tell me that he was waiting for me to come home. It was then that I decided that walking was good for my health, and decided to walk all the way from KH Road to my house, which is a good 6kms away. It would take time, but the longer I walked the better – for my health, that is. Of course, I can’t actually walk 6kms, so after dilly-dallying a bit, I took an auto and came home, and felt very pleased with myself for keeping The Monster waiting.

Update: The Monster Nike has just come and apologised (actually he said it’s ridiculous to fight about such silly things, but I’ve generously decided to treat it as an apology). He also offered to make me hot chocolate since it’s too late for an ice-cream right now. Life isn’t so bad, eh?

Have a good weekend everybody. Oh, and pray for me!


Preeti said...

Heh. The Monster. Heh! :D
Pisceans do wallow in self-pity, have seen too many examples!
Best of luck for your results and have fun at the trip irrespective of what the result is! :P

smartassbride said...

Rofl post :D

I laughed out aloud at the second line. Er, and you are someone to never be messed with, me thinks. 6 km walk, poor Nike(or is it monster until this point in the story?)

All the best for your results!

Ramya said...

@Preeti: Hehe...well, I don't actually believe Linda Goodman much...the way she writes, everything is equally applicable to every one under any sun sign, especially given that she also puts in a rider saying 'provided they dont have any other strong planetary influences'. I did have a great trip, and my results aren't out YET!

@smartassbride: Yes, I'm not someone to be messed around with. ;-)
Thanks for the wishes. My results aren't out yet, so fingers still crossed.

Chinkurli said...

your results are out? Saw this a bit too late, but I guess I can send up a pre-dated prayer? :D

Vamsi said...

Hey Ramz...Congratulationzzzzzzz..:-)

Now tighten the seat belt for Phase II!

Ramya said...

@Chinkurli: Thanks! And my results are out now...and I got through. Phew!

@Vamsi: Thank you!

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