Wednesday, January 19, 2005


In one of the strategy classes, the Prof asked if any of us were the NGO types. After a long hesitation, I uncertainly raised my hand. I am not ashamed of the idea. I think it is a noble thing to do. Im just afraid that I wont have the courage to follow it through. I do not if I would be able to give up a well paying job for something which is lowly paying. I know a lot of people who want to be social workers...but all of them say they would like to work in the corporate world first, earn money and then serve others. It is a sensible is not for me because even for those few years in the corporate world, I want to do it because I want to and because it brings me satisfaction...not because I have to.
Ideally, I would like to work for children. Those who are suffering for no fault of those. Maybe all I really want to do is try to bvring a little bit of justice in an unfair world. Is that really so hard?


illusionaire said...

Just follow your heart dear. Once you stop listening to others around you or what they think, then, its much easier to follow your heart. remember this is ur future we're talking about. Do something that you really like doing.... straight from the heart.

Anonymous said...

it goes widout sayin, in this game dat we playin,dat the moolah we earnin is not wat we'r burnin(for), reams have been written, on the dreams dat we'v been smitten(by), as life's drama unfolds, we learn stories untold, so if u feel, that what u feel is unreal,ask the piper and he'll tell, what u feel is god's spell,so guided by ure soul,unravel the things u've kept under control....and vin vidi viki!!!!

The Walrus said...

hey babe, you know what I've always said about your dream - chase it! I was wondering why you were so reluctant in the class.

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