Thursday, January 20, 2005


I saw a beautiful movie called 'Anbe Shivam' where the protagonist says that he belives there is a God in every one of us. When his companion cries at the death of an unknown child, he says that there must be a God in a man who cries for a total stranger. I thought it was a lovely way of defining God. For doesnt each one of us have our own God?
It seems to have become a chracteristic of those who consider themselves 'itellectual' to be an atheist. I have no pretensions to being either. Yes, I do believe in God. But I dont believe in religion. I did believe in temples and idols till 5yrs ago. I dont anymore.Now I think belief in God goes beyond that. I guess for every unconventional believer in a supreme power, his idea of who or what God is changes with time, age, experience and wisdom. My notion of God keeps changing. Im still grappling with the question of what God means to me. Maybe simply put, I believe in the existence of a supreme power. But it goes beyond all that.God for me is also not a supreme power...but a source of comfort...that one person who knows all your deepest darkest secrets...and lets you feel comfortable about him knowing it.

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thank god...i am an i don't have to grapple with problems the believers have to, jus kiddin',GOD ummmmm interesting, do they teach u theology as a paper,flippantly we bandy notions about the existence of a supreme power not realising often that this subject, the source of much discomfort from primeval times both for philosophers and prophets and of course dubious godmen merits much serious discussion, my "policy" in this regard is to believe in whatever makes u comfortable, but stick to it....and it seems u're on the right track....GOD.....ask the tsunami victims, they'll tell u another story

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