Friday, January 14, 2005

Incidentally, Im doing an MBA

My blog has been shamefully non-academic to date. In fact, to the extent that a total stranger reading my blog would not even realise that im doing an MBA. And it is not such a bad thing to be doing after all...
So now a little about my academic activities (or lack thereof) at IIMB.
In term 3 we have 6 courses totalling 17 credits.3 are compulsory courses and 3 are 'core electives'. First about the compulsory courses

1. Competitive Strategy and Policies (atleast thats what I think it is...we call it CSP): Its being offered in the 1st year itself for the 1st time. Its a very interesting course...requires understanding and integration of the courses we have done in the 1st 2 terms. It has a little bit of marketing, HR, finance, operations...a lil bit of everything.Our Prof J.Ramachandran (called RamC) is GOD.We had 2 classes till now and for the first time since Esther Jogi, I sat in a class and listened to every word the Prof spoke without my attention wandering. Itz more than just interesting teaching...the method in which he discusses the case, I get the feeling of light dawning slowly in the one and a half hour. And the nest part...he brings out flaws in our analysis, stuff we missed out when preparing for the case and even the final solution, through us the students. He doesnt say 'OK guys this is the solution'. He actually draws out the solution through us, and somehow, that makes so much more sense for us because we see the whole process of reaching a solution through strategising happening 'by' us.
Btw, RamC is one of the guys who quit Reliance and also one of the highest paid consultants in India.
However,he can be an extremely sarcastic with people whose ideas he is not to pleased kinda apprehensive putting CP in his class.
Hmm...I do want to write about the rest of the courses also but Ive had a busy day and I wanna do some reading before I crash. So Im off now.Next course tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

Guess RamC hasn't changed much over the years, then. I don't know if he's using the same cases, but if he is, the Pepsi vs Coke and Reliance cases are worth recording for posterity.

Anand (

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