Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Unmaad is over. Friday, Saturday and Sunday passed in a blur. Unmaad was a it. 3 days of events...literary, musical, performing arts and fine arts. On friday, we had Strings and Indian Ocean performing, on Saturday it was Choreo and fashion show night followed by an L-square without free booze and on Saturday we wrapped up with the Personality Contest followed by a concert by Moksha and Parikrama and then L-square with lots of free booze.
So what did I do during Unmaad? I was in charge of the literary events and the carnival village. My events included Debate, DumbC, Potpourri, Jam and 3 quizzes. There is a small quizzing community, a large part of which is from Chennai, which takes part and wins in most of these literary events. Debate and Jam apart, the restf the winners belong to the quizzing community. And these guys never cease to amaze me. It is not ther extensive knowledge which brings out the admiration ...its the fact that they can actually remember so much that is a source of constant wonderment for me.And I really admire these guys...with a couple of exceptions, most of them look like nerds...maybe they are...and they are undoubtedly atrocious when it comes to dancing...they are intelligent and write well...They are a major source of fascination for me.
My role in Unmaad was basically pushing my event coordinators so that the event started and ended on time, making sure they had all they needed etc. And to achieve this end, I spent all my time running and talkign on the walkie. I got a walkie for 3 days and I made full use of it. But above of all, Unmaad was one helluva experience. It has been a great learning experience and though I slogged my ass off, it was also a lot of fun. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.


The Walrus said...

yep... unmaad rocked.... who's a nerd??????

Mihir said...

Haan Ji janab ...... One more reader of ur blog :)

The Walrus said...

tu tere blog pe focus kar mihir!

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