Friday, February 11, 2005

Eating Out

I went to this small, undiscovered place called Induss at Jaya Nagar for dinner today. Its a small, cosy place, all done up in terracota and earthen ware...the Indus Valley Civilisation look...ah, now the name makes sense. Good food...we were hungry and ate a much so that at the end of our meal, when the man came to ask us if we wanted anything else, he could barely supress a smile.
I've been going out almost everyday this term. Mostly to eat out, sometimes to shop, sometimes to hunt for Gol Gappas which they serve with aloo and not with channa (trust me, they are hard to find in Blore...though there is one lil place very close to campus)
Just a few days ago, I went to Inchara again, when my co-mentees and I treated our mentors to dinner. Inchara has this small/large rooms open on all sides, with only a roof, like a verandah. And the place is covered with greenery so you can hardly see those at the other tables. And since its an almost outdoors place, the candlelit atmosphere lends it an awesome ambience.And it has good food too...the pepper chicken and Kashmiri pulao there are delicious. The best part is it has a lot of cuisines and does decently in all of them.
Then there is this place called Lazeez, a tiny low ceiling place located on the 1st floor of a builidng in the heart of Commercial Street. Its a plain, no frills place which serves the most amazing kati rolls.The 1st time Mom was here, we took a break from shopping to eat there...and it rejuvenated us for another round of shopping!!!
The night after the Strings-Indian Ocean concert during Unmaad, about 11 of us went to this sexy place called Hypnos for Amol's Bday. I guess you could call it a lounge bar...very dim lighting, low level sofa seating...and a small area off for the bar and dancing. I had my 1st tequila shot was a fun way to drink it but doesnt make one tipsy (only one drink doesnt and I made sure I ditn have more than one). Then we all smoked a peach flavored hookah...interesting.Took to the dance floor for a while...the guy was playing a lot of trance( or so I think). The atmosphere of the place is sexy but I cant say much about the food coz they close orders at 1 and we had ordered hardly anything.
Hmm...Im off for my Culcom interview. Will be back soon with more on eating out in Bangalore!! (Sheesh!! I sound firghtfully like an anchor ona travel show on Star Plus!!)


chiru said...

u drink and now this hookah ??
somebody stop this girl !!

illusionaire said...

dude, u got a problem? Your "sister" had a ball that nite at Hypnos.

You should be happy she's finally growing up :D

I have a pic of her taking her first tequila shot that nite, But the place was dark so u can't make out its her :((

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