Thursday, February 17, 2005

Im nostalgic

Im listening to songs from old telugu movies. Ive never done this before...and it feels good. Ive never had a ear for telugu film music...most of it is noise...and its the kind which you dont want to listen to after youve heard a song a couple of times. Today, I was just going through some music files on a classmates comp when I came across a folder marked Telugu and opened it. There I came across some old classics which I remember hearing many years ago. These are my parents fav songs...mostly from vishwanath films...and much to my great surprise I found I enjoyed them. I remember my aunt mentioning that the songs in his films had beautiful lyrics but unfortunately, Im unable to understand them. I guess I should try listening to these more often. And my aunt is going to be pleased with this sudden change in my attitude towards telugu film music.
Actually, listening to these songs brings back some old memories. My parents used to listen to these songs every night on the red tape reccorder in their room, at night, at very low volume. Sometimes, Id go their room to sleep and I could hear the soft strains of these songs. And of course, now that I think of it, these were the very songs my Dad used to sing, completely out of tune, oblivious to the corrections my mom kept making.
This reminds me of another Dad used to recite a Sanskrit sloka every night before going to sleep. Of course, that phase lasted just for a short while, just like his other phases of walking, yoga, oil pulling, dry dinners etc (Oh yeah!! My dad has been there and done that when it comes to health related stuff). Anyways, for as long as this phase lasted, whenever Id climb into bed nekst to my parents, I would ask to recite the sloka after him. For some reason, I was in awe of the sloka.
My dad uses this oil from Malaysia...a sort of remedy for cold, headache, aches etc. My aunt would get him enough of those lil bottles to last till her nekst trip (and she came once every 4 years!!) I was fascinated by what I called 'Malaysian Oil'. One of my strongest desires was to get mom to rub it on my forehead or nose...but I was a healthy child who hardly caught a cold ( I never knew what a headache was till I was in my late teens). So I didnt get too many opportunities to use the oil.
Today, I was sent a boquet of roses, a cake, chocolates, a teddy bear and a card wishing me a Happy Birthday from my parents! Needless to say, I was birthday is a full 10 days away!!! So I called them up and they told me that they had ordered it thru the internet and had forgotten to enter the date when placing the order (sounds like my dad). So I got my surprise gift early. I was etremely touched by the gesture. Hulloo...I am almost 21 and my parents are still sending me gifts on my birthday. I thought it was awfully sweet of them. If only they had been careful about the date!! Huh!! Anyways, we all ate up the cake in 10mins flat(twas yumm) and finished up most of the chocolates too.
I guess it was the gift which brought up all these old memories. Me feeling all nostalgic now...:)). Its 4am and I better sleep now so I can get up in time for my ManAcc class. Im allowed only 4 bunks and I already have 3!! I dare not miss anymore.


Chiru said...

stupid, its not 10 days.. only 9 days when you posted this

Mihir said...

Cometh the post, cometh the man with the comment :)

And ya, the cake was awesome .... hope ur parents as well as your other "wellwishers" send u lots of cakes on ur bday :))

~Chilli~ said...

lol..thr's alwys the first time for everyone...but u did outbeat me at this one too..champagne this x' tequila as yet...=p..

seriously M&B hav alwys bin a source of irritation...neva bin a readin' pleasure for me...oh my god!how can anyone grade a love story betta than erich's!!!=@...

n ramya i'm sure u'll get lots more to fill in this blog if u were to descibe how u always tend to get late for appointments and how u misplace stuff ...tht wud b goin down memory lane wen i think of u!!!

one of the best things abt ordering gifts over the internet is tht they always arrive on the rite sure thr r more surprises in store for u this yr!..i already see the line of worshippers out thr!

& the last category of ppl existing on valentine's day are the ones who noe tht "love isnt enuff" to be together...n tht's so true...

Ramya said...

Great to see you here sweetie.
I havent changed much when it comes to misplacing things or being late. Those are my defining thinkt hat could ever change???
Well, my V-Day was as uneventful as it always has been. I must mention I got two roses from 2 friends though.
My BDay has traditionally been a day which brings me great joy and lotsa surprises. Birthdays for the past few years have been expecially good.
By the way, Aashish got a call from MICA. His interview and GD et al are in Blore. So he will be staying on campus from 24th to 26th. Cool na?
And yes 'love isnt enough to be together'. Havent we seen enough to prove that?

Chiru said...

oh yeah.. that was an awesome cake Mihir.. and yes Ramya, you must mention that you got two roses from your friends.. :)

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