Saturday, February 12, 2005

i love this time of the day...

I just watched a movie...'Life of David Gale'. A thriller...Kevin Spacey, Kate Winslet. Extremely good movie.
Tomorrow is a Saturday.Yay!!


Anonymous said...

hullo... duh, the number u game me doesnt exist,megha's number...shrouded in clouds...bad joke,, but HELP!!!

Chiru said...

Ramya, remove the option of permitting anonymous mails on your blog. That will help in making your blog a better one.Anonymous mails suck big time..

pradeep prabhala said...

.... life of david gale, usual suspects, americal beauty... lots n lots of them.. interesting aint it..! If u havent watched Usual Suspects u missed somethin..


Ramya said...

pradeep: of course watched usual suspects...and thought it rocked!! But frankly (okay guys, flame me), I thought American Beauty was overrated...;)

pradeep prabhala said...

I tend to agree with you. But the movie doesnt take away anything from kevin spacey does it? :)

Continuing with movies, i think fight club and shawshank redemption are really good ones as well.. U must have watched them already :)

Btw, now i remember, life of david gale was all about capital punishment aint it? I thought that the movie sent across a really strong message across!:) i remember having watched it a few years back and i really had strong views against capital punishment then.. anyways hope the weekend is keeping u occupied :)

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