Thursday, May 11, 2006


I joined work from 8th May 2006, this Monday. Now I'm officially a citizen of the corporate world. And I'm completely kicked!! I'm having a truly good time. Even the tired feeling one sometimes gets at the end of the day is rather nice because even though you're tired, you know it's because you've done some good work today.
The office I work in is small, quite tiny. And since we recently shifted onto this floor, its also rather shabby and looks more like a small house which has been converted into a temporary office. That was the only disappointment for me. Otherwise, everything is going great guns. We will be getting laptops in a week's time, as soon as the new order is through. So we are temporarily working on desktops. There are no more than 5 consultants (excluding us) in this office at any given point of time and then a few support/admin staff. That's because it's not only a small office but also because most of them are travelling.
I think the greatest advantage that has come from having few consultants in office at this point is that I have been given responsibility I would not have been given so soon otherwise. Like yesterday, I was asked to draft part of a project proposal. The guy I report to thought I did a good job and put it in the final proposal and that gave me the kicks. I know it's only a small thing but then,it's one of those things that make you feel good about yourself. And it's good that these little things make me happy because that's what makes me want to go to work every morning, despite feeling dreadfully sleepy in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Well... thats what working is all about ... satisfaction at the end of the day ... Now I presume u understand why working men are happy sometimes staying a long time away from home !!! And u ain't seen nothing yet ... the Journey has just begun ... Trust me you would mature sooner ... btw wats kicked mean !!! Adios ...

Da Enigma

No feeling is more notable than the feeling in ur heart that gives u the feeling of some great SATISFACTION !!!

Vijay Kothagattu said...

Letz c how kicked do u feel ater workin for 2 months :P. Most probably i think later u want to kick ur boss :))

Ramya said...

Da Enigma: Thankls for the encouragement...but like Vijay said...let's how i feel after a few months!

Mihir said...

a blog post that one of my friends had posted :)

1st day in office
I dressed smartly in Formals, maybe for the 3rd or 4th time in my life, brand new clothes and other accessories. I was feeling very good, after all it felt good to wear those smart sleek clothes and wear shoes that actually shine !!!.

2nd day in office
I shave again in the morning, take a bath, put on clean clothes, apply some polish to my shoes till they started to shine so brightly that I had to switch of my room lights. I was again in the office, on time, and all geared up to work.

2nd week in office
I don't like to get up early every day:((
I don't like shaving every day :(((
I don't like wearing those formal shirts and trousers:((((
I don't like wearing the stiff leather shoes :((
I don't like polishing them every day:((
I don't like taking a bath every day:(((((
I don't like oiling my hair and combing them every day :(((((((
Still I do all of them because I delude myself to think that this is a passing phase and life will get "normal" very sooooon.

2nd month in office
I don't like doing all the things mentioned above and I compare my life to the previous life in "heaven" that was IIT. Not shaving every day (once a week), not wearing that long shirts and trousers, I felt happy in shorts and a T shirt, not wearing those stiff leather shoes, I was happy wearing slippers or floaters.(GAWD I feel like I am shackled when I wear that attire shoes, trousers, shirt and OILED HAIR). That was heaven. Man take my word that was surely heaven.

9 AM
I am jolted out of my day dreaming by the sound of the Maid. I am getting late, Machaa I have to rush and do all the things I don't like. But still I have to do them coz this is REAL LIFE. Now I understand what they meant by From Reel life to Real life

Anonymous said...

u welcome blogger ... Vijay is right ... and the following post elucidates the fact ...but hey , no damn thing in Life stays interesting for Long ... that s why I said u would mature sooner ' cos U will realise Interest and Love for work generate from within and ur boss and my boss are but momentary facilitators of motivation !!!

Da Enigma

Perhaps The Needs Hierarchy Theory would help understand better ! Thank Mr. Maslow yeaaaaaaaaaaay ... :) have fun !!!

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