Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tales from training

I'm writing this as I sit in a training class. Yesterday, it was 3.30am by the time I hit the bed, because of the presentation we were working on. The group work was quite an experience on the kind people I might have to deal with in the corporate world. In fact, I disliked the exercise so much that now I’m in dread of working with people like one or two of those who are with me on induction. Put in a bunch of B-school grads who think they are bright, who are very opinionated, together and you’ll never get anything done.

I think the problem with working in a group here was that no was willing to compromise or let go of their point – so agreeing on something is an uphill task. This is more true of my team than the other two teams in induction right now due to some people who I (personally) find either not too bright or far too bull headed.

Thankfully, the level of CP in class has gone down drastically. We made a presentation today and I was particularly bad – I certainly need to improve on my presentation skills. My problem is that I never even think about what I’m going to say when I’m presenting – I just look at the slide and say whatever comes to my mind. I realize it always helps to be prepared because you can avoid the fumbling and repeating yourself that otherwise happens.

I’m forced to admit that my competitive streak seems to be resurfacing after a dormant two years. I feel highly frustrated when I think my group is ineffective, I argue ferociously on a point despite strong opposition and contribute actively – to the point that I might even seem aggressive. Now I’m not sure if being competitive again is such a great thing because I was extremely happy and comfortable being a laidback Ramya and don’t really like the picture of myself as being one of those aggressive, competitive, overambitious and pushy corporate types.

It’s almost 8pm now I’m desperate to go back to the guest house but have to stick around for atleast an hour longer. I’ve had enough of training for today. But then, there’s more work to do. I’ve always thought I’d enjoy being a part of the corporate world but a day like this makes such thoughts open to question.


Vijay Kothagattu said...

Oh! come on, how can u say that. u learn as u grow. i have seen so many studs becoming dud's getting bored with the work. u will also raise the heights when time is appropriate... that laid back thing is appropriate for any fresh passout. so chill ...

Anonymous said...

Welcome Dear ... 2 the World Of Corporates ... Fasten ur Emotional and Ethical Belt ... The Ride is far from being unExciting ....Good Wishes and Good Luck Ma'am .

Da Enigma

Sometimes to keep shut and play dumb is better an option than to try talking and make ppl understand !!!

Anonymous said...

Ohh btw ... The word ain't AGGRESSIVE , SUBMISIVE OR COMPETITIVE ... the word is Always and ever - ASSERTIVE...

Da Enigma

Being Aggressive need not always lead to being Competitive , vice- versa !

Gaudi said... doesnt take a day or two to realize how much u (dis)like being in the corporate world. give it time and i know for sure ur the kind who'd enjoy doing a job...i've neva come across anybody more interested in working in a give it ample time and ur gonna be a hit in the corporate world..

wimpy said...

strong agreer. in my training too (it was in goa), i felt that 3 out of the 5 people in our group were very uncompromising and started shouting and stuff to get their point across. very difffernet from the laidback consensual IIMB style. (btw my groupmates were from other institutes).

i then told them to give me one part, took full ownership and delivered one slide. thatzit!

Mihir said...

aha .... u scare me :((
and do come online on brkt sometimes !!!

Ramya said...

Anon: Thanks for the wishes.

@ wimpy: that would work in training but it wouldn't work when you are actually working. One just has to get used to and learn to work with different kind of people, aggressive, pushy, whatever.

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