Friday, February 10, 2012

Of Sex Tapes and Banana Cakes

So our esteemed ministers in Karnataka have been caught watching porn during an assembly session. I’m not surprised; rather, I’m much more surprised at the outrage that has followed. I mean, what more did you expect from our ministers? That they would actually participate sincerely in an assembly session that is paid for by the taxpayer? Don’t be ridiculous!
On a serious note, I have three major issues with the whole controversy.
1.       I have no moral objections against pornography as long as the acts were performed by mutual consent. And I don’t think there is anything wrong with anyone, minister or not, watching porn. However, I do take issue with their watching porn while the assembly is in session. My firm isn’t going to be happy if they find out I am watching porn during office hours; for all I know, they may even be well within their legal rights to fire me if I am watching porn in office. Similarly, as a taxpayer, I am not happy to find out that my representative in assembly is watching porn instead of doing his job.
2.       More worrying is the fact that the minister is now trying to prevent all news from reaching his constituency – the cable lines have been blocked in the village; newspapers aren’t distributed there. Firstly, I am fairly sure this is unconstitutional because an MLA does not have the right to censor/filter the news that reaches his constituency. Secondly, this sets a very dangerous precedent – I can imagine other MLAs and MPs deciding to follow this tactic the next time they are in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.
3.       The hypocrisy of the ruling party (and its allies and associates), and of the ministers involved, infuriates me. They are all up in arms about the attack on our great Indian culture if couples want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If women dare go to pubs, our lofty traditions are under threat. One of the ministers of the ruling party went ballistic when the topic of introducing sex education in schools was brought up, saying that it was ‘against Indian culture’ (of course!). But these arbitrary moral standards are only for the rest of the population apparently, while these gentlemen engage in behavior which would be considered amoral by their own standards.
That said and done, I’m more amused than angry by the whole rigmarole. I think it’s because I have reached a point where nothing our politicians do angers/shocks/upsets me anymore. I just shrug and move on with my life. I am now officially a cynic who believes there is no point in caring about what happens in the world around.
Meanwhile, it looks like the media is milking this for all its worth. And I am thoroughly sick of the media sensationalism these days – so much so that I never watch the news on television and barely read the paper anymore. It either makes me depressed, or it annoys the hell out of me or it makes me furious, and being aware and up-to-date isn’t compensation enough for all the anger, frustration and sorrow it causes (enough to shorten my life by a few years, I am sure!).
And so, as this news slowly gathers dust, and the media waits for the next grand controversy to come up, I have said my piece, and I too shall move on to better things. And so, I leave you with this, a banana cake I baked last week. Remember, one of my resolutions this year was to learn to cook? Well, last month I made coffee cake, and now this. Both of them came out alright, though they could have been much better (I am also apparently my sternest critic when it comes to cooking!) – nevertheless, I am very chuffed! What do you think?


Sumanth Suresh said...

Wow, the banana cake looks yummy! :)

What I find most amusing in the porngate episode is how tech savvy our politicians can get when it is for doing something pointless!! Imagine watching videos over mobile phone, the mobile companies can offer MLAs and MPs special offers which include high speed streaming of videos with call rates free during parliament hours!! :P

wamcee said...

It looks so yummyyyyy!! May be partly because of the photography skills involved :D

Abhishek Ghosh said...

Thank God you closed the post with pictures of the cake, otherwise it'd have left a bitter taste... But no matter how sick the politicians, the media make us, it's reality. The reconciling is the tough part. One can vent from time to time, like you've done. What else? Running, may be to find a comforting truth in this reality

Ramya said...

@Sumanth: Hahaha....seriously though, when it comes to issues which THEY care about (such as watching porn, earning money illegally etc.), our ministers are incredibly intelligent and tech-savvy!

@wamcee: What ya!!! The cake did look that good in real too :p

@Abhishek: Or learn to not care. Thats the saddest option but one which we will all get to eventually

aandthirtyeights said...

You didn't hear the explanation, I gather. The minister wanted to know what a "rave party" was, and the other minister showed him.

Ramya said...

@aandthirtyeights: Hahaha.....yeah, that too!

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