Friday, February 17, 2012

The Story of My Life

Photo Credits: Ahmed El Mezeny (from Facebook)

I found this image on Facebook and it was SO bloody true of my life! I showed this to my colleagues yesterday, and they all had a hearty laugh. After which we bitched in great detail about how we never get enough money, how nobody understands what we do, and how, sometimes, we ourselves aren't sure of what we're doing!

Happy weekend, y'all!


wamcee said...

It just reminded me of the 'Seven blind men and the elephant' story!

Preeti said...


Ramya said...

@wamcee: What? Tell me that story ya!

@Preeti: You won't believe how uncannily accurate it is! :-)

hAAthi said...

Oh I saw a similar one on WRITERS, and I looked at it aghast, marveling at how bloody accurate it was. I considered blogging about it and saved the image. Havent gotten down to it because (as one of the panels in the strip also claims) I am swamped at work. Gah!

Ramya said...

@hAAthi: about it na! This one is also bang-on.

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