Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Back at IIMB

Landed in Bangalore on Sunday morning at 10am. My room was such a mess it made me feel extremely homesick. Shivani helped me clean it up after lunch and the clean room did much to cheer me up...; )
I spent about an hour trying to learn how someone played AOE..it looked very interesting...but then...
18 of us went out for a movie...everyone fought about which movie to go to so we decided on a dance bar. But then some of the guys werent wearing shoes so they wouldnt be allowed in. Then we went to a bowling alley and came out coz they had no food.After rejecting too more places for being too expensive and too cheap we ended up ate an Andhra restraunt!!...where most of the junta ate north indian stuff!!
And after hot chocolate fudge on the road we headed 'home'. I slept for 4hrs tonlyhat night coz of some for filling we had to do...welcome back to my life!!and this after 10 hrs marathons at home...sad is the state of affairs...
Monday was no better.After lugging up textbooks weighing many tons, we had 2 classes which were both rather good. But i got my last terms marks and those were,unsurprisingly,not good at all.but who cares..not me!!Monday was 'reworking resume' day. Itz kinda awful that everything important you'e done in all your 20yrs is summed up in one single sheet of paper. And what was worse was that all this grand ideas you have of yourself come crashing down when you see the kind of things some of the people here have done. It took me time to come to terms with the kind of resumes most other people have.I was suddenly left wondering what Id been doing all these years when the people around me had been achieving so much. But im cool about it now...i guess i was too busy having fun to achieve all those (note that i assume that i only need to try to achieve...ahem!!...modest,arent we?) The worst thing a person can do is look back and regret.Ive been through that once and itz quite a terrible experience....and it is not something I am ever gonna repeat.
Actually,im in the flow to write a lot more rite now but I have 2 classes tommorrow followed by form filling. So tomm promises to be a busy day and i need all the sleep I can so..gnite.

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