Friday, October 08, 2004

Daily deeds

Slept late. Went to school. Whenever I go back to school, a flood of memories come rushing at me. Will not get into that now
Im going back to Bangalore day after. I dont want to...:(((
Im already beginning to feel homesick. i want longer holidays. I want to stay at home.I dont want to study. I dont want to have to do readings and submissions and presentations and assignments and submit stupid resumes and all that.Actually, I dont mind the studying and acads part so is the placement process that puts me off...i wish all this wasnt compulsory..i wudnt have done any of this and coolly done my summers at the IIMB library.
Well, i guess i better make the most of the one remaining day i have in vizag.GV and i will be going to GITAM college to talk to the students about IIMB and CAT. I have no idea how i am supposed to give a speech with my thorat in the condition it is in right now.
Well,i dint do anything i planned to do this vacation. I jus ate a lot and slept even more. Went out when i wasnt doing either of this. Read a little too. My only regret is the amount of time i spent on bracket should have been spent talking on the fone with my frens from here.I have made a promise to myself that i shall spend more time with my family and friends over the fone once i get back. only now have i realised how much ive put them away with my 'im busy' all the time. So this term around, however busy i am, i am going to make time for them.
Well, i kinda lost the habit if sleeping late.Am very sleepy .Off to bed now

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