Wednesday, October 06, 2004

beach bumblings

Got up late. Lalith came home for lunch.We then picked up GV and went to Thotlakonda.
Weather was lovely today. It had rained and from on top of the hill the sea and sky looked so blue. There is something about the sea which makes you want to not say a word and just sit there and look at it. Something about the sea which makes you think.
I always think that for someone whoz lived near the sea most of his life, it would be difficult to live in a place w/o the sea. I guess I kind of realised this when I was in Hyd. I mean, where do I go when im very sad or very happy, if not to the beach? What better place to meet an old friend than by the beach? And what better way to spend an evening than at the beach?
Im going to miss the beach once Im back in Bangalore. I think Blore is perfect as the city to live in but for the fact that it doesnt have a beach.
Well,enough about it for now. Im chatting with 'prashu' now. Guess ill go crash.

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