Sunday, October 24, 2004

The last 10 days.......
nothing spectacular but ive been having good fun. It rained very heavily one night and a huge group of us girls started dancing in the rain...for an hour and a was amazing fun. I used to dance like crazy and jump around in the rain as a kid. It had been a long time since I did that and it was awesome.
am hardly eating dinner at the mess these days...kfc one day, CCD on campus one day, ordered in twice and if nothing else, i altogether skip dinner.
Last sunday, i was asked to take around a group of europeans fromm rolls royce around Bangalore. & and a pgsm woman were their hosts. We shopped at commercial, lunched at Tandoor, shopped some more. They all changed into ethnic wear in my room and we went to this place called rudraksh. It was on the outskirts of the city...a large farmhouse place kinda thing converted into an ethnic resort...used for exclusive parties. We are welcomed by some folk dancer, served nariyal paani, then we get to pick up drinks and sit under this open hut and watch a ballet of the different dance forms in India. Dinner is in the open...with stone tables and stone stools and baskets for dustbins. It was in the middle of nowhere and very very dark and the place was only dily lighted by pole fires and small bulbs in thick trees. The ambience was mindblowing. If i hav the money and wanted to throw a party for abt 50 ppl, i wud undoubtedly choose this place.
Hmm....havent had dinner today so im pushing off the nite canteen now to pick up some grub. L^2 tonite and me the party coordinator...big name,small job...lots of work

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